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Brett Sabol Plumbing & Drain Cleaning
Brett Sabol Owner
421 Philmont Ave / Unit C
Feasterville , Pa 19053
Phone: 215-666-3086
Fax: 215-357-3729
Brett Sabol Plumbing & Drain Cleaning specializes in older home renovation, new construction, additions, kitchens, bathrooms, generators, gas lines, service work, light Commercial property maintenance and much much more ... We are Back Flow Certified company for your Commercial property owners, we repair / Certified Backflows from 3/4 to 10" pipe size. Our shop is local and stocked with 20 Bradford and White water heaters at all times for those emergency calls on the weekends and holidays . Yes we are a emergency service company, but we do not charge emergency service prices or any addition cost for nights , weekends, or Holidays . We cater to our Restaurant owners who are always battling grease problems with their drains. We have a small indoor Jet that pushes 1500lbs of pressure for cleaning grease traps. We have a large high pressure Jet that pushes 2500lbs of pressure to blast away and clean your main sewer drains as needed . We are also the only local Plumbing contracter that can offer our Chain saw Jet services , to cut out Roots from your existing main sewer line, avoiding costly excavation of your property to access your plumbing . We also offer Senior Citizen discounts ..

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